Jakub Mitrik

Curriculum vitae

Jakub Mitrík is a freelance musician. He studied classical guitar in Bratislava (SK) and theorbo, archlute, baroque lute and guitar in Bremen (DE). He plays and organinses concerts in Slovakia and Germany. He plays solo concerts and continuo instruments in baroque ensembles for example Il Cuore Barocco, Musica Aetern and Bremer Ratsmuziker and he cooperats as a guest with Slovak chamber orchestra and Slovak national theater.

Jakub Mitrík (1987) was born in Spišská Nová Ves (SR) and studied classical guitar in Bratislava with Jozef Zsapka and Martin Krajčo. After his successful studies he focused on historical instruments like theorbo, baroque lute, baroque guitar, archlute. He studied in Brno under Jan Čižmář and in Bremen with Joachim Held. In 2014 he was a member of the summer masterclass with Paul O´dette. In the year 2018 he finished his Master degree in Bremen – Germany. He plays the eight string romantic guitar from the early 19th century and in chamber music he present the originally music of romanticism from Vienna and Pressburg – Bratislava. He plays solos as well as continuo music with many important ensembles like: Bach consort – Wien, Musica aeterna, Solamente naturali, Il Cuore Barocco, Bremer Ratsmuziker etc. He is also the artistic director of Le nuove musiche and they concern on the early italian baroque music as well.

Baroque and romantic plucked instruments:

Theorbo – after Vendelio Venere 1606 (Gerhard Soehne)

Chitarrone – after Magno Tieffenbrucker (Ivo Magherini)

Archlute – after Magno Tieffenbrucker (Marcus Wesche)

Baroque guitar – anonym (Jíří Čepelák)

Romantic guitar – N.G.Ries – 8 strings (Jan Tuláček)

Clasical guitar – George Ziatas

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